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My name is David Smania, founder of - the first online community and social network serving the $566 billion dollar foodservice industry.

Since the day went live in 1996, the primary objective revolved around creating community - a destination on the Internet where foodservice operators would gather to network, ask questions, and share common interests.

Secondly, we created a site where branded manufacturers could reach foodservice operators directly, through advertising that was both targeted and measurable.

During these years, I've had a unique perspective within the foodservice industry, working closely with both branded manufacturers and ad agencies.

As the head of marketing for, I've worked with many large manufacturers like Procter and Gamble, Nestle, McCain Foods, Sara Lee, Kraft Foods, ConAgra, Schwans, Kikkoman, McIlhenny & Company, and Heinz.

I have also worked with a large number of advertising agencies representing both branded food manufacturers and service companies.

I've had the opportunity to work in many different roles at, recently heading up product development and design, including the iFoodShow, the JobSpot, and a significant social media upgrade, which introduced a myriad of new publishing tools (blogs, video, articles).

Today, I have returned to marketing, brainstorming with manufacturers and agencies about new ways to reach buyers in foodservice. I also work closely with a company in New York, rolling out online communities that target unique local foodservice markets from city to city.


I created this blog to share my thoughts and ideas about marketing in foodservice - specifically between branded manufacturers and foodservice operators.

We all have biases - often stemming from very basic needs of survival. My biases stem directly from the fact that I run - a site that promotes branded product.

I am also a huge advocate of interactive media, and believe that it should have a greater role within a branded manufacturer's marketing budget.

As I write, I will always try to be open, transparent, and fair. I will not tip toe around issues or get "PC" - as I believe positive change comes from speaking candidly about the subjects that come up.

In conclusion, I welcome your feedback and thoughts on anything posted within this blog.

We learn through dialogue, discussion, and the exchange of ideas.

Thanks for visiting!